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TDK Technologies & Products Press Conference US 2021

January 7, 2021

Here you can download the summaries, images and the presentation. Additionally you find a podcast for each topic.

SmartEnviro – miniaturized ultra-low power MEMS platform for direct and accurate detection of CO2 in home, industrial, automotive, healthcare and other applications

Sreeni D. Rao, Ph.D.

Sr. Director, Emerging Sensors

SmartEnviro – Summary, Images and Charts

SmartEnviro™ – Summary, Images and Charts

InWheelSense – energy harvesting and sensing module for automotive wheels in ADAS applications

Dr. Rakesh Sethi

General Manager at US R&D Center for Sensors and Actuators @TDK

InWheelSense – Summary, Images and Charts

InWheelSense™ – Summary, Images and Charts

Ultra-small Full Color Laser Module for augmented reality glasses and micro projectors

Michael Chinn

Senior Vice President for Information & Communication Technology @TDK Corporation of America

Full Color Laser Module  – Summary, Images and Charts

Full Color Laser Module  – Summary, Images and Charts
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