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TDK Advantages

Advantage 3Creator of smaller, highly advanced electronic devicesSophistication

What are TDK's manufacturing strengths?

TDK has the ability to improve its manufacturing with a bold, creative spirit that welcomes challenges.

A manufacturer's mission is to develop and commercialize timely products as needed by society.
Since our founding, TDK has always approached manufacturing with a bold and creative spirit. We develop materials and products made from these materials, and work to constantly improve our manufacturing strength.

This history includes development, design, and production, and extends to purchasing, quality control, and sales. All of these aspects of doing business in our unique corporate style have been passed on over time to employees throughout the Group.

TDK's "Mother Factory" approach is designed to create flexible production systems that enable the manufacturing of competitive products. We are building a globally maintained system that provides TDK with advantages in quality and cost, as well as technological and manufacturing strength.

All teams work together to turn customers’ needs into reality.

Just how outstanding are TDK's manufacturing capabilities?

TDK has some breathtaking technologies. It can even manufacture components smaller than a strawberry seed.

A single smartphone contains as many as 400-500chip capacitors, miniaturized to the size of strawberry seeds. This would not be possible without tremendous manufacturing abilities. Electrodes and dielectrics less than one micron thick are stacked to create tiny capacitors capable of storing significant amounts of electricity.

Some chip capacitors contain over 1,000 layers.

How can TDK manufacture such minute items?

TDK has a wide range of advanced manufacturing technologies for miniaturization.

A wide range of manufacturing technologies are required to reduce the size of layered chip capacitors while boosting performance. Technologies in four areas—materials, printing, multilayering and, sintering—are the key. TDK can produce ultrafine powder with nanometer-sized electrode and dielectric material particles. We can print electronic circuits on dielectric sheets just a few microns thick and precisely layer over 1,000 of these sheets, one atop another. Ceramics are produced through precise temperature-controlled sintering.

So many elemental technologies all in one place.

Environment-conscious products with an independent desingnation: ECO LOVE

TDK is working to make products that are environmentally friendly-in the process emitting as little CO2 as possible and avoiding the use of substances that harm the environment. ECO LOVE products are those TDK has certified as being "outstanding environment-conscious products."
The certification system was even recognized by the Development Bank of Japan in 2010 with the presentation of a special award under the bank's environmental assessment scheme. This was the first time an electronic components manufacturer had received the award.