TDK at a Glance for Investors

TDK Advantages

Advantage 2Applications for smartphones, electric cars, and wind powerEvolution

What role do TDK's products serve?

They make an important contribution to the miniaturization, advanced performance and power savings in many kinds of products.

TDK products are used in TVs, personal computers, wind power generation equipment, and many other electronic devices. They help to make devices smaller, while increasing functionality and lowering power consumption.

Smaller and More Advanced

In recent years, electronic devices, particularly smartphones and other mobile devices, have increased in sophistication with each new generation. At the same time, they have also decreased in size and weight. Manufacturers need to pack more electronic components into smaller finished products. To meet such rigorous demands, TDK uses all of its advanced technological capabilities to design smaller, thinner components and combine multiple components into modules.

Lower Power Consumption

TDK products are helping to reduce power consumption in society in many ways. Examples include increasing the efficiency of AC to DC power conversion and helping to improve performance in next-generation vehicles such as hybrids and electric vehicles. The company also contributes to the growing use of natural energy sources such as solar and wind power.