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The wave of digital transformation (DX) is surging across various areas of the ICT society. As a result of the proliferation of 5G communications and the Internet of Things (IoT), the amount of information circulated on a daily basis is growing explosively. In response to these developments, traditional cloud computing, which processes information in bulk at data centers, is shifting to edge computing, where distributed processing is performed at a location close to the user’s terminal. TDK’s highly varied and extensive lineup of electronic components and devices support the new network society.


Supporting the New Network Society

Supporting the New Network Society
  • Multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs)
  • Camera modules
  • Magnetic heads for hard disk drives (HDDs)
  • Multilayer chip inductors
  • Piezo speakers
  • Flash storages
  • Power inductors
  • Haptic devices
  • Distributed power supply systems
  • Batteries
  • High-frequency components
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • MEMS microphones
  • Multilayer chip varistors
  • Motion sensors
  • Wireless power transfer coils
  • Noise suppression sheets
  • Biological sensors

Supporting ICT Life in the 5G Era

SmartphonesPromoting Comfortable Mobile Lifestyles
  • Lithium ion batteries

    TDK’s lithium ion batteries boast the top share of the global market for batteries installed in smartphones. They are also used in IoT devices, wearable devices, and various other devices.

    Lithium ion batteries
  • Circuit protection Devices

    Mobile devices, which are often carried and operated by hand, are at risk of problems and malfunctioning caused by electrostatic discharges from the human body. Chip varistors are often used to protect IC circuits and the like from intruding surges.

    Circuit protection devices
Wearable Devices
Wearable devicesMiniaturization and Weight-Reducing Innovations

    The Semiconductor Embedded in SUBstrate (SESUB) is a proprietary TDK multilayer substrate technology that embeds thinned IC chips to substrates. It makes possible optimal, ultracompact modules such as power supply modules and communications modules for IoT devices and wearable devices.

    Semiconductor Embedded in SUBstrate (SESUB)
AR/VR Devices
AR/VR devicesExpansion into Business, Educational, and Medical Fields
  • MEMS ultrasonic sensors

    Time-of-flight (ToF) type compact ultrasonic sensors that have been miniaturized using MEMS technology. They are used as distance measuring sensors and also integrated into AR/VR devices with transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves.

    MEMS ultrasonic sensors
  • PiezoHapt/PowerHap

    Actuators that create virtual tactile sensations through vibration patterns using piezoelectric elements.

    PiezoHapt™/PowerHap™ actuators

Supporting the Use of Big Data and AI

Data Centers/Servers
Data Centers/Servers
  • Responding to Rapidly
    Increasing Data Volumes
    Magnetic heads for large-capacity HDDs

    Magnetic heads for hard disk drives (HDDs) manufactured using thin-f ilm processing technology. Multiple magnetic heads are used in each of the nearline HDDs in data center servers. We are currently developing microwave assisted magnetic recording (MAMR) and heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) for next-generation, high-capacity HDDs.

    Magnetic heads for large-capacity HDDs
  • Contributing to Easy Design with
    Miniaturization and
    Higher Performance

    Ultra-compact DC-DC conver ters with chip components such as power inductors mounted on a TDK proprietary SESUB. They are ideal for use as POL conver ters in the f inal stage of distributed power supply systems.

5G Communication Small Base Stations
5G Communications Small Base Stations
  • Supporting Edge Computing
    Flash Storage

    Flash storage for industrial and embedded applications including industrial SSDs and industrial SD memory cards. Flash storage is characterized by high data reliability and durability, and it is used in communication base stations, communication broadcasting equipment, information system equipment, and more.

    Flash Storage
  • Communication Antennas
    that Achieve Multiple Simultaneous
    LTCC chip antennas

    5G communication small cell base stations use distinctive multi-antennas that incorporate multiple antenna elements. TDK’s LTCC AiP devices are advanced chip antennas that integrate antenna elements and high-frequency components and other components with low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC).

    LTCC chip antennas