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Improving the miniaturization and performance of smartphones and advancing in HDD storage capacity

Trends in Sales in ICT
Trends in Sales in ICT
Trends in Sales in ICT
(HDD heads & Suspensions)
Trends in Sales in ICT(HDD heads & Suspensions)

TDK develops and supplies a wide range of electronic components that enhance the functions and performance of smartphones. TDK additionally supports the increased miniaturization and lightness of mobile devices using modular technology that compactly bundles together many passive components.

The performance of home information appliances has evolved amazingly thanks to the ongoing integration of advanced technologies. TDK supports this evolution by supplying a wide range of products, including transformers for power supply circuits and common mode filters to suppress noise. Moreover, as the leading company in the field of magnetic heads for the HDDs installed in PCs, audiovisual equipment, and so on, TDK is blazing the way toward even larger capacities.

Smartphones use lots of different components made by TDK!

TDK's multilayer chip components are significantly helping to reduce the size and weight of mobile devices.
Many types of noise suppression components made by TDK are also in widespread use, ensuring high-reliability data transmission.

TDK supplies approximately 300 parts!

  • Multilayer ceramic chip capacitors
  • Multilayer chip inductors
  • SMD power inductors
  • Band-pass filters
  • SAW filters
  • In-case antennas
  • Thin-film common mode filters
  • Multilayer chip varistors
  • Noise suppression sheets
High-frequency modules

TDK leads the way in increasing the capacity of hard disk drives through the development of magnetic heads using advanced thin-film processing technologies.

Nanotechnology is employed to control manufacturing at the level of one-one millionth of a millimeter.
HDD heads are manufactured using advanced thin-film process technologies.
TDK's newly developed "thermal-assist" technology will usher in the age of one-terabyte hard drives for notebook computers.

  • HDD
    Neodymium magnets for VCMs
  • Power supply line
    Power supply inductors
  • Signal line
    Multilayer ceramic capacitors,Multilayer chip inductors,Ferrite beads
  • Interface
    Common mode filters
HDD magnetic head

Rapid increase of power consumption by data centers with expansion of data centers market to store explosive growth of data volumes handled on internet.

Projected Data Generation World Wide (TDK estimate)

Projected Data Generation World Wide

Global data volumes are expected to increase dramatically going forward.

Demand for high capacity storage will continue to increase in line with increased recording capacity.

With wide range of storage products utilizing TDK's advanced technology, TDK offers various solutions for higher speed and lager capacity in data communication and contributes to energy savings at data centers.

TDK is working harder to provide comprehensive solutions corresponding to higher speed, lager capacitys and energy savings for data centers with state-of-the-art technology such as thermal assist technology.

Data Center

Support for higher speeds and larger capacity

  • HDD head/suspension
    Achieved world’s highest recording density.
  • VCM (voice coil motor) magnet
    New magnet for head drive motor significantly reduces dysprosium consumption
  • Optical communication cable
    Changing data center internal wiring to optical fiber.

Contribute to energy savings

  • Front-end power supply
    Improve power usage efficiency.
  • Bidirectional DC-DC converter
    Low-loss power conversion allows efficient use of power from backup battery.
  • Compressor magnet
    More efficient air conditioning systems.

A breakthrough in increasing hard disk capacity An entirely new way of recording. TDK's "thermal-assist" technology boosts the capabilities of a hard disk drive's magnetic head!

Advancements in computer hard disk drives are taking place at a remarkable speed, with capacities increasing at an accelerating pace. In the last 50 years, capacities have increased 100 million times!

100million times in 50years!

How can the data recording capacity of the disc (platter) shoot up without a change in disc size? The answer lies in the miniaturization of the tracks (recording units) for writing data, which means greater recording density.

When the approaching limits of miniaturization started to become clear, TDK began working on a perpendicular recording method to replace the horizontal system that had always been used. In 2005, TDK succeeded in commercializing the world's first perpendicular recording method.


However, limits started to appear in the perpendicular recording method as demand for higher data recording capacity continued to grow. TDK then began working to develop magnetic heads for hard disk drives that use an entirely different approach: thermal-assist magnetic recording.

The day is not far off when surface recording density will exceed one terabit per square inch in a hard disk drive.

One for multiple!