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Contributing to improved fuel economy and vehicle safety

Trends in Sales in the automotive market

Automobiles are increasingly using electronics to meet diverse and advanced needs, such as environmental countermeasures and improved safety and comfort. TDK supplies a wide variety of highly reliable in-vehicle electronic components, including noise control units for automotive LANs, magnets for HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) and EV (electric vehicle) drive motors, and sensors to detect oil temperature.

TDK supplies automotive electronic components that can withstand severe conditions of use.

Our components provide an outstanding degree of resistance to vibrations and shocks and are able to handle high levels of heat and humidity.
Also, TDK's ferrite and other material technologies show their true worth by improving fuel efficiency in HEVs.

High-efficiency power conversion

DC-DC converters for HEVs

Supplying a wide range of components

  • Drive motors
    High-performance neodymium magnets
  • Environmental measures
    In-vehicle sensors (current sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, gear tooth sensors)
  • Speakers
    High-performance neodymium magnets
  • Power windows, power mirrors
    Ferrite magnets and bond magnets for small motors
  • ECUs (engine control units), car navigation and car audio systems, lamps
    Multilayer ceramic chip capacitors, film capacitors, inductors
  • Power steering
    Combined steering angle/steering torque sensors
  • In-vehicle LAN (noise suppression)
    Common mode filters

Development of Heat-robust DC-DC Converters for Hybrid EVs

A vehicle's power supply must function properly, regardless of whether the temperature in the surrounding environment is freezing cold or sweltering hot. However, ordinary ferrite does not work in certain temperature conditions.

Development of Heat-robust DC-DC Converters for Hybrid EVs

For this reason, as a pioneer of ferrite, TDK has sought to develop a special type of material that can cope with a wider temperature range. Employing ferrite, transformer, and heat simulation technologies to create a heat sink design, along with other properties, TDK has produced small, lightweight, high-efficiency DC-DC converters for hybrid electric vehicles that now lead the industry.

Small Light High efficiency
Today, TDK

Today, TDK's DC-DC converters are used in hybrid electric vehicles both in Japan and internationally,
helping to reduce power consumption during operation.