Douglas K. Freeman

Audit & Supervisory Board Member


Douglas K. Freeman ** ** Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member


(May 23, 1966)


Summary of career

Apr. 1990
Entered Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1996
Registered as lawyer in Japan
Joined Mitsui, Yasuda, Wani & Maeda
Jun. 1997
Joined Hamada Law Offices
Sep. 2002
Registered as lawyer in New York, the United States of America
Sep. 2002
Joined Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
Sep. 2007
Principal of Law Offices of Douglas K. Freeman (present post)
Feb. 2016
Outside Director of U-Shin Ltd.
Apr. 2019
Professor of Keio University Law School (present post)
Jun. 2019
Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member of the Company (present post)