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7 Facts about TDK


1 TDK’s beginning

TDK was founded about 80 years ago
following the invention of ferrite.
Ferrite was a chance discovery made by Dr. Yogoro Kato and Dr. Takeshi Takei at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Aiming to explore the industrial potential of the material, Kenzo Saito founded a company in 1935 that became TDK.
At the time, the possibilities of ferrite were as yet unknown. Driven by a belief in its potential, a bold decision was taken. This venture spirit is at the very root of TDK and permeates the company still today.

2 TDK’s products

TDK’s products can be found inside
many familiar devices around you all the time.
Making smartphones more versatile and convenient
Creating a safe and environment-friendly "connected car"
Industrial & Energy
TDK is also active in the fields of renewable energy, traffic infrastructure, and industrial equipment.

3 Present and future

TDK continuously develops products
that open up the future.
TDK conducts business in more than 30 countries around the globe. Consolidated net sales amount to 1,783 billion yen.
* FY 2017
Working towards a brighter future, TDK is focusing on three strategic growth products.

4 TDK’s employees

TDK’s strength lies in its workforce of
around 90,000 employees brimming with individuality.
Thantip Parinyaprasert
Manufacturing / TDK (Thailand) Co.,Ltd / Thailand
Yongji Ren
Manufacturing Technology / TDK Dalian Corporation / China
Yu Ting Kao
Financial Affairs / TDK Taiwan Corporation / Taiwan
Elyse Tesman
Sales / TDK Corporation of America / United States
Patrick Loh Shi Siong
Sales Promotion / TDK Singapore (Private) Limited / Singapore

5 TDK’s environmental efforts

For the future of the earth, TDK looks ahead to
the year 2035, which will mark its 100th anniversary.
The "TDK Environmental Vision 2035" was formulated with a view towards the company's centenary year. A major goal is the reduction of emissions in lifecycle based CO2 emission units to one half by 2035.
* A CO2 emission unit is defined as the amount of greenhouse gases emitted during the creation of a specific production volume or similar, converted into the CO2 equivalent.

6 TDK’s PR activities

You must have seen the name “TDK” in television commercials
and at such events as the IAAF World Championships in Athletics!
The TDK MuseumTracing the development and growth of TDK throughout the years with a focus on Monozukuri, the art of manufacturing with a strong dedication to craftsmanship, the TDK Museum also provides visitors with a hands-on experience of how TDK technology will be changing the world of the future.
IAAF World Championships in AthleticsWe want to support athletes who continue the endless challenge of setting new records. TDK has supported the World Championships in Athletics ever since the inaugural event in Helsinki in 1983.

7 TDK’s social contributions

TDK contributes actively to society
through various activities.
TDK Orchestra Concert TDK wants to contribute to culture and industry which are an expression of human knowledge. Inviting world-class musicians and having music school students attend rehearsal sessions is one way in which we pursue this aim.
The TDK Beech Forest
We want to preserve the beauty of nature. Every year, TDK Group employees and their families in the Akita district participate in tree planting activities at Mt. Chokai, one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan.