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TDK Group Contributions to SDGs

In September 2015, in order to make the global environment and people’s lives sustainable, the United Nations General Assembly approved the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), consisting of 17 goals and 169 targets to be achieved by all countries by 2030. From fiscal 2018, TDK announced the Medium-Term Plan “Value Creation 2020” as its basic plan of action, aiming for sustainable growth through creation of three values. Realization of one of these—Social Value (enhance enterprise social value)—is closely tied to the achievement of SDGs. Creating social value to address issues facing society is no more than the realization of TDK’s corporate motto of “Contribute to culture and industry through creativity.” TDK seeks to enhance corporate value by contributing to solutions to global-scale issues identified as SDGs through its business.

TDK Group’s key CSR issues and SDGs

TDK seeks to realize a sustainable society, identifying “Contribute to the world through technology,” “Develop human resources,” “Consider the societal and environmental impact of the supply chain,” and “Develop and prosper in harmony with the global environment” as key issues guiding CSR activity. TDK’s “Contribute to the world through technology” are based on TDK technology/products and the external social environment, focusing on fields enabling maximized provided value through SDGs (in following chart, SDGs corresponding to “1. Contribute to the world through technology”). TDK has clarified social challenges behind these 6 goals and contributes to realization of an ideal society in which these challenges are solved through its technology and products. TDK further implements initiatives toward “Develop human resources,” “Consider the societal and environmental impact of the supply chain,” and “Develop and prosper in harmony with the global environment,” thereby contributing to the various SDGs.

Intra-corporate Outreach Facilitating Comprehension of SDGs

TDK promotes in-house comprehension of SDGs, regularly sponsoring lectures and workshops in every division for every employee stratum to strengthen fundamental awareness of contributing to SDGs through corporate operations.

SDGs workshops

In fiscal 2018, management workshops addressed the theme of SDGs and ESG (Environment, Society, and Governance). External experts were invited to lecture, generating lively discussion on issues such as: “the sustainability promotion dilemma of promoting a long-term perspective vs. safeguarding short-term profits,” “promoting awareness in a corporation of over 100,000 employees,” and “when employees have a strong sense of how their daily work contributes corporate profits while benefiting society, their motivation level will rise.” The workshops reinforced the importance of keeping “Kotozukuri (integrated solutions) business” in mind vis-à-vis contributing to CSR issues and SDGs while aiming for sustainable social and corporate growth.
Workshops were also held highlighting the key role played by the Technology and Intellectual Property HQ and the Safety & Environment Office in addressing the key CSR issue of “Contribute to the world through technology.” Active discussion also centered on the TDK Group’s distinctive sustainability strategy to enhance understanding that creating sustainable value is a means of achieving corporate growth.
TDK will continue these in-house educational activities while discussing the establishment of specific goals for applying technology to solve social issues in alignment with relevant business objectives.

Management level workshop
Technology and Intellectual Property HQ lecture