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Sustainability Management

Linkage between TDK Group’s Sustainability and the Corporate Philosophy

The TDK Group’s approach to Sustainability, which is also expressed in the Sustainability Vision, means pursuing to “Advancing the development of a sustainable society and promoting well-being for all people.” The basis of these activities is practice of the TDK corporate motto and thorough implementation of corporate ethics. Recognizing that TDK is a social entity supported by stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, investors, and local communities, we promote sustainability through our business activities on the basis of the TDK Code of Conduct and maintain communication with these stakeholders.
By carrying out the TDK corporate motto, we increase corporate value, and subsequently contribute to continuous corporate development and the creation of a sustainable society.

Linkage between TDK Group’s Sustainability and the Corporate Philosophy

Promotion Structure

The Sustainability Promotion HQ was established directly under the President as a structure for the implementation of sustainability-related initiatives.
Directly below the Sustainability Promotion HQ, the CSR Group proposes policies relating to sustainability, disseminates those policies throughout the entire TDK Group, monitors the status of implementation, discloses information, conducts dialogues with stakeholders, and provides feedback regarding the various opinions received from outside the Group as well as issues identified through activities to management, divisions, business groups at headquarters, and individual business sites.
Based on this process, TDK Group responsive policies are set and reflected in the execution of management as appropriate. The CSR Group and each division at headquarters carry out measures through deployment of the policies and programs reflected in management in business groups and at business sites.

Awareness within the Company

The TDK Group believes that raising the awareness of each employee is essential for promoting sustainability and provides lecture-style CSR training in training programs for specific ranks of employees, such as training for new recruits, and e-learning for all employees.
In response to the identification of “social value” as one of the pillars in its Medium-Term Plan, in fiscal 2018 the TDK Group bolstered measures that contribute to society through sustainable corporate activities by conducting lecture meetings and other events for management and emphasizing the importance of sustainability in internal newsletters.

Dialogue with Stakeholders and Gathering of Opinions

As a company operating business activity on a global scale, TDK endeavors to accurately understand social issues, respect international standards of conduct and guidelines relating to sustainability, and gain trust from society by responding to matters of interest to stakeholders through our business activities. For this purpose, we actively strive to create opportunities for dialogue with stakeholders on a regular basis.

Opportunities for dialogue with stakeholders

  • Daily business activities
  • CS surveys
  • Audits by customers
  • Daily response to suppliers
  • Explanatory meetings for suppliers
  • Audits of suppliers
  • Labor-management dialogue
  • Feedback to in-house newsletter
  • Performance briefings
  • General meetings of shareholders
  • IR meetings
[Local communities]
  • Informal community meetings
  • Social contribution activities
  • Website answer service

Major Member Organizations

TDK belongs to the following organizations, with a view to addressing social issues that cannot be effectively resolved by a single company.

Organization Overview
Japan Business Federation
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA)
(policy administrator)
Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium (JAMP)
(founding member company, since 2007)
Japan Business Council in Europe (JBCE)

Key CSR Issues

We have stipulated key issues in CSR activities with the aims of realizing a sustainable society. We have identified social issues surrounding the TDK Group from the perspectives of both the TDK Group itself and stakeholders. These Key CSR Issues are being addressed by the TDK Group as a whole.