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Develop Global Human Resources

Our Approach

TDK conducts its business together with numerous Group companies operating worldwide. To supply optimum values and solutions to customers located around the world, we believe it is important for the TDK Group to maximize its synergy and transcend the limitations of time, geography, and culture. In order to promote the true globalization of TDK in this way, the most important thing, we believe, is to foster the human resources that are fundamental for this purpose.


TDK has established the Global HR Department within the Global Human Resources Division to develop various policies on a global scale.

Fiscal 2018 Goals and Achievements


  • Introduce Global Management Development Training
  • Adapt Global and Local development measures in selective regions
  • Global roll out of one comprehensive English test


  • Successful completion of Territorial Career Development Program (TCDP) in the four territories—Asia, Americas, Greater China, Europe (~100 persons participate)
  • Alignment between Global and Local development measures in selective regions
  • English test globally rolled out and global English trainings introduced

Main activities and measures

  • Introduction of globally common English test and English training
  • Implement Territorial Career Development Program (TCDP) in the four territories

Future Activities

  • Continue Global Management Development Training (TCDP)
  • Introduce newly Global Management Development Training (Advanced Management Program AMP)
  • Enhance English training program

Concrete Activities

TCDP (Territorial Career Development Program)

The Territorial Career Development Program (TCDP) was introduced in fiscal year T123 to help develop talented employees throughout the TDK Group.
The TCDP aims at employees of any function from any location within the TDK group. In the selection process, local site leaders propose candidates. Participants will then be selected from among these candidates by a committee of management representatives in each territory.
The program is held in English and consists of generally five training sessions that take place at different TDK sites in each region, giving participants a chance to get to know as many of the company's business fields as possible.
It is the TCDP’s unique approach to having a group project activity with a team of 5~6 members, in addition to the classroom training and lecture-style studies. The participants are working together in group projects and have to apply the skills they have learned within the TCDP. At the end of the program, they present the culmination of their efforts to their territorial committee.

Business benefits

  • The TCDP prepares talents from all over the world to become the next generation leaders of TDK.
  • Deepen understanding of the basic methods and principles used in management, develop leadership skills, increase employee engagement, and generally improve management competence
  • The TCDP will support global succession planning for key positions and the development of globally-capable leaders who can contribute in various fields
  • Building strong networks between TDK Group employees

AMP (Advanced Management Program)

AMP was introduced in fiscal 2019 to further increase leadership competencies on an advanced level. The goal of AMP is to support and empower managers in their transition from Management to General Management and further to higher level roles, by improving their leadership, strategy, innovation and change management competencies so that they can better manage complex strategic issues.
AMP also provides participants with the ideal opportunity to network, thus creating even stronger personal bonds across the entire TDK Group.
AMP will be offered yearly and is specifically targeted and tailored to the training requirements of upper management. Participants are either GMs or newly appointed GMs and DGMs (or candidates who are promoted to such positions). Each cohort is limited to 20-25 participants.
AMP is a 7-month program, encompassing 3 distinct face-to-face modules and one online module.
The face-to-face modules take place in Singapore, Lausanne and Tokyo in April, June and October respectively. For these three modules, participants will be out-of-office for approximately 14 days (in total). The online module will be conducted between April and June.

Business benefits

  • An integral part of AMP are impact projects (e.g. how TDK can ensure value creation in the long-term), upon which participants will reflect and work on. The outcome of these projects will be presented to the members of the Executive Committee
  • AMP is supporting global succession planning with the preparation of managers to transition to General Management. It does so by developing future leaders and strengthening competences around strategy, innovation and transformation
  • Increasing network and create stronger bonds across the TDK Group

Introduce English training program globally 

The goal of the Global Communication & English project is to enhance the fluency of communication in English within the TDK group world-wide. The first phase, which was a standard English speaking test for our employees, was implemented in T123 with the aim of establishing the English training requirement of individual employees. People who need to improve their English language skills are guided to suitable training through the Global HR department upon completion of the test.

Developing Self-Sustained Human Resources (Programs to Develop and Cultivate Abilities) (TDK Corporation)

The ideal way to realize TDK’s corporate motto of “Contribute to culture and industry through creativity” is for every individual member to engage in self-sustained work. The objective of human resource development at TDK is to cultivate such self-sustained human resources. Self-sustained human resources are defined as “people who can think for themselves, make challenges with courage, cope well with change, and keep going right to the finish.”
In order to achieve this objective, TDK has established educational structure comprising skill development and education programs aimed at enabling employees to master self-sustained work from a young age in a phased manner.

Human resource facilitating proactive, self-led action―Training programs on different levels (TDK Corporation)

TDK has expectations that its global human resources will take up the challenge of picking up leadership positions with a view to achieving their goals and dreams. Our subsection chief training, designed for beginning-level managers and leaders, is intended to give our employees the ability to take up new challenges and set goals, as well as to improve their ability to boost results achieved by the organization as a whole. In addition, the department manager and section chief training, imparts self-led management ability through assessment training, as well as boosting ability in this area. These training sessions allow employees to set challenging goals ranks above their current level, leading in turn to self-innovation by reaching these goals.

Developing human resources willing to take on new challenges―New Business Creation Training Program (TDK Corporation)

As one component of policies to reform corporate culture and forge a culture where employees are unafraid of the occasional failure, as of April 2015 we have launched the New Business Creation Training Program to facilitate proactive employee involvement in generating new business and new ideas. Through a system where employees self-recommend to join the program, participants re-affirm TDK’s founding philosophy as a university-generated venture company and engage in a process of repeated discussion and feedback to put into practice the new products, businesses, and ideas that they have conceived. By encouraging employees to take the initiative, we are developing human resources who can set and achieve lofty targets.

Developing global business skills―Overseas Trainee Program (TDK Corporation)

TDK operates the Overseas Trainee Program with a view to the TDK Group’s global development. It is critical that teams of employees of different cultures work together, training in global business promotion skills to achieve our common business goals. By sending young employees to group companies in other countries, we develop precisely these skills. Through this program, trainees are strategically assigned to our locations in countries around the world. Our employees are not only sent from Japan to other countries but from other countries to Japan.

Global business skills development program―Cross-cultural Communication Training (TDK Corporation)

In addition to boosting language training programs, primarily e-learning, we bolster cross-cultural communication training via regional training. The goal is to promote global business skills overall.
Some comments we received from employees taking part in the training were as follows: “I gained a theoretical understanding that helped me to resolve a vague sense of discomfort I’d had about certain (intercultural) things”: “I’m now comfortable about being sent abroad”: and “I was really happy with the training and found it highly significant, because I got to learn a lot of interesting things.”

A site for creation―TDK MAKER DOJO (TDK Corporation)

In February 2016, TDK established the “Maker Dojo” as a place where new concepts and ideas come into being—a venue where creativity and the spirit of taking up new challenges comes into play. This manufacturer-dedicated space is intended to be a place where all TDK employees can stop in casually at any time. At the Dojo, employees can experiment with making products using TDK components, and ascertain whether or not these prototypes are easy to use and easy to develop. The goal is to be a forum for producing new ideas and sharing information by holding ideathons and other events where engineers of different departments and specialties teaching each other about the technologies they know best and diverse participants form groups on a specific topic to engage in dialogue and combine their respective knowledge, ideas, and passions to generate new ideas. This is a place where ideas actually take shape—that is, it serves as a Y-Gaya space for engineers.

Overseas Study System (TDK Corporation)

In 2005, TDK reorganized its overseas study program to include a new management course (MBA study in Japan or overseas), a law course (study at a law school overseas or in Japan), and a technology management course (MOT study in Japan or overseas). These three courses aim to train professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for performing their duties.

Technical Exchange with Overseas Sites and Overseas Universities (TDK Corporation)

TDK has concluded a tie-up and engages in joint research with the University of Alabama in the United States, which is well known worldwide for its outstanding ideas and technologies. In addition, TDK dispatches engineers to overseas sites through its personnel exchange system so that they can acquire state-of-the-art technical expertise and technological information and broaden their horizons.