Sustainability | Environment

Reduce Risks of Chemical Use

Background of Goals

TDK is promoting reduction of the use and discharge of chemical substances in order to curtail environmental impact as well as health risks to employees and the risks of fire and explosion.

Fiscal 2018 Goals and Achievements


  • Reduce influence of chemicals to the human and environment


  • Operate the system of "TDK chemical substances control DB" in Japan, China and Asia areas

Main activities and measures

  • Reduce usage or promote the substitution of hazardous chemicals
  • Broaden operation sites of "TDK chemical substances control DB"

Future Activities

TDK will promote the unified management of chemical substances on a global scale with the aim of improving safety in the handling of harmful and dangerous chemical substances in conformity with national laws, etc.

Concrete Activities

  • In order to promote the elimination and replacement of harmful chemical substances and highly flammable substances, we conducted global management using the "TDK chemical substances control DB". Starting in 2018, we updated the approval request database and created an English version and commenced operations at sites in Japan.