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Use Resources Effectively

Background of Goals

Amid the call for the effective use of limited resources and contributions to a recycle-oriented society, TDK achieved its zero-emissions target by fiscal 2006 and since then has been making efforts to maintain this level. Furthermore, from the perspective of the effective use of resources, TDK is promoting efforts to control the occurrence of industrial waste itself.

Fiscal 2018 Goals and Achievements


  • Improve waste basic-unit by 1.4% of the previous FY
  • Establish the CO2 conversion method for input materials


  • Improved by 8.2% compared with the previous FY
  • Implemented Scope 3 calculations

Main activities and measures

  • Improve waste basic-unit by 1.4% of the previous FY at each manufacturing site
  • Use raw materials effectively
  • Promote internal recycle/reuse
  • Assess CO2 emissions of input materials

The total amount of waste generated in FY2018 reduced by 0.3% compared with the previous FY to 92,137 tons and waste basic-unit improved by 8.2% compared with the previous FY. Thus, our goal was achieved.

Trend of amount of waste (global)

Future Activities

TDK will promote thorough process improvement and, from the perspectives of both input resource efficiency and yield improvement rate, make efforts to restrain waste discharge.

Concrete Activities

  • Reduction of number of plating processes, materials purchased, and waste generated by changing substrate plating electrode film patterns
  • Increase in the lifespan of plating solution through measures to prevent contamination by foreign material
  • Reduction of amount of input resources through process improvement
  • Reduction of amount of waste by improving input resource efficiency
  • Reduction of amount of wastewater and sludge by changing choice of coagulant