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Reduce Water Usage

Background of Goals

Usable water resources on the planet are limited. In view of the expected future rise in water use due to economic growth and population increases in developing countries, the availability of water has been cited as a global risk. In response to this trend, TDK set a target for reducing the volume of water used in production activities and is striving to gauge the water risk.

Fiscal 2018 Goals and Achievements


  • Improve water usage basic-unit by 1.4% of the previous FY
  • Establish the CO2 conversion method for water usage


  • Improved by 9.3% compared with the previous FY
  • Investigation of methods for calculating CO2 is ongoing

Main activities and measures

  • Improve water usage basic-unit by 1.4% of the previous FY at each manufacturing site
  • Improve the rate of recycle use
  • Assess CO2 emissions of water

The total amount of water usage in FY2018 reduced by 1.5% compared to the previous FY to 16.704,000 m3 and water usage basic-unit improved by 9.3% compared with the previous FY. Thus, our goal was achieved.

Trend of amount water usage (global)


Future Activities

TDK will conduct water risks surveys in each country and region, consider the establishment of water risk indicators in site catchment areas, and in particular endeavor to promote the reduction of water use in water-shortage regions.

Concrete Activities

  • Cyclic usage of cooling water
  • Reuse of pure water from used vacuum pumps in cooling towers
  • Use of rainwater as toilet cleansing water, etc.
  • Collection of fallen snow and use as aid for cold energy recovery apparatus
  • Use of recycled water in production processes
  • Reuse of water through the introduction of sand filters