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Notice regarding Revision of Dividend Projections

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October 31, 2011

Notice is hereby given that TDK Corporation (“the Company”), at the meeting of its Board of Directors held on October 31, 2011, resolved to revise the projection for dividends per common share for Fiscal Year March 2012, as described below:

  1. Reasons for Revisions
    When the Company released “TDK Announces Projections of Consolidated Financial Results and Dividends” on June 21, 2011, the Company announced it planed to pay a year-end dividend per common share of 50.0 yen. However, based on the revision of the consolidated financial projections for the Fiscal Year March 2012, the Company has decided to lower the projected year-end dividend per common share to 40.0 yen considering business environment as well as the fundamental policy for distribution of earnings.
  2. Details of revision
    Annual Dividend
    End of 1st Quarter End of 2nd Quarter End of 3rd Quarter Year-End Total
    Previous projection
    (announced on June 21, 2011)
    Current projection - - - 40.00 80.00
    Interim dividends for FY March 2012 - 40.00 - - -
    Reference: Dividends for FY March 2011 - 40.00 - 40.00 80.00

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