TDK at a Glance for Investors

TDK products are being used in various cutting-edge fields undergoing progressive technological innovation.

TDK products are being used in various cutting-edge fields undergoing progressive technological innovation.

TDK positions automotive market, ICT market and industrial & energy market as priority markets.

since 1935


Contributing to improved fuel economy and vehicle safety

Trends in Sales in the automotive market

Automobiles are increasingly using electronics to meet diverse and advanced needs, such as environmental countermeasures and improved safety and comfort. TDK supplies a wide variety of highly reliable in-vehicle electronic components, including noise control units for automotive LANs, magnets for HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) and EV (electric vehicle) drive motors, and sensors to detect oil temperature.


Improving the miniaturization and performance of mobile phones and smartphones

Trends in Sales in ICT

Trends in Sales in ICT
(HDD heads & Suspensions)

TDK develops and supplies a wide range of electronic components that enhance the functions and performance of mobile phones and smartphones. TDK additionally supports the increased miniaturization and lightness of mobile terminals using modular technology that compactly bundles together many passive components.

The performance of home information appliances has evolved amazingly thanks to the ongoing integration of advanced technologies. TDK supports this evolution by supplying a wide range of products, including transformers for power supply circuits and common mode filters to suppress noise. Moreover, as the leading company in the field of magnetic heads for the HDDs installed in PCs, audiovisual equipment, and so on, TDK is blazing the way toward even larger capacities.

Industrial and Energy

Contributing to the stable supply of wind, solar, and other natural energy sources

Trends in Sales in the industrial & energy market

Interest in natural energy sources, such as wind and solar power generation, is increasing toward the realization of a sustainable society. TDK supplies various products that contribute to the diffusion and expansion of natural energy, such as capacitors, reactors, and other electronic components installed in inverters for wind/solar power systems, and powerful magnets for wind power systems.

TDK is also devoting significant effort to the development of high-frequency components for smart meters and bidirectional DC-DC converters, so as to contribute to the realization of next-generation smart grids.

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