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Social Contribution Activities

Our Approach (Basic Concept of Contributing to Society)

As a corporate citizen, TDK recognizes the importance of coexisting with the community and, thinking about what we can do for society as a company, promotes various original social contribution activities.


Based on TDK's corporate motto of "Contribute to culture and industry through creativity," the TDK Group aspires to foster the development of a healthy and prosperous society by implementing various activities in which all TDK employees can feel committed and connected to the community.


The TDK Group will utilize its various resources (employees, products, capital, information, etc.) to globally implement proactive community activities - both alone and working alongside NPOs and NGOs - that contribute to the betterment of society in the areas of (1) academic, research, and education, (2) sports, art, and culture, (3) environmental conservation, and (4) social welfare and local community service activities.


TDK has established a section in charge of social contributions in the Head Office Corporate Communications Function that compiles and implements plans for social contribution activities in each area in accordance with policy. In addition, TDK has established a Group-wide award system with the aim of promoting and vitalizing social contribution activities. Activities are judged from the perspective of their public nature, continuity, degree of utilizing TDK’s resources, solution of issues, and originality.

Academic, Research and Education Activities

TDK is willing to return the profits of its activities to local communities by utilizing our accumulated product technologies and human resources. Specifically, TDK wishes to offer opportunities for young people who will lead the next generation to acquire a wide range of knowledge, experiences, and skills.

The TDK Museum

TDK Museum

TDK Museum

Originally opened as the TDK History Museum in 2005 in commemoration of TDK’s seventieth anniversary, the museum was temporarily closed for a complete renewal. It reopened in October 2016 with a new look and a new name, TDK Museum. The museum introduces the history of TDK’s products utilizing magnetic technology and its technologies and also, as a new aspect, its efforts toward the future, the aim being to support the science and technology studies of the young people who will be the leaders of society in the next generation.
A year after the reopening, electronics workshops continue to be held for junior high school students, along with a Pepper (humanoid robot) programming course for high school students, and a wide range of other programs. As of June 22, 2018, the TDK Museum has welcomed a total of 50,000 visitors.

Donation to Student Robotics Team (TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.)

In response to a request from a student robotics team in the state of Wisconsin, TDK-Lambda Americas donated to the team an i6A DC-DC converter for a robot the team would build for an underwater robotics contest. The company provided this support to help students develop into the next generation of engineers. The team won the contest held on April 2, 2017 at the University of Wisconsin.

Sports, Art and Culture Activities

TDK strives to be an "exciting company, " capable of providing quality and excitement to stakeholders. TDK provides support in inspirational sports and art activities that uplift people's hearts.

Outreach Mini-Concert (Corporate Communications Group)

In November 2017, five woodwind instrument musicians of the Berliner Philharmoniker performed at the Chuo Ward Harumi Junior High School (Tokyo).
The chamber group—among the best string players in the world—performed a Schubert string quintet, treating the students to an exquisite musical experience. In the Q&A session that followed, the musicians patiently answered the students’ questions. When they asked the students in turn, “How many of you play an instrument,” hands shot up around the auditorium, indicating that most of the students did, which clearly surprised and delighted the players. Finally, led by the Harumi Junior High School brass band, all of the students sang the traditional Japanese song, “Furusato.” The players’ response to the performance was that they could feel the warmth of everyone singing a song familiar to them from a young age. It was an unforgettable experience for the students to share such a valuable time with world-renowned classical musicians.

Students Invited to Open Rehearsal (Corporate Communications Group)

In November 2017, we invited 230 music students to the open rehearsal before and live performance of the TDK Orchestra Concert.
Before the rehearsal, we invited concert sommelier Satoshi Asaoka to give us an overview of the music and highlights in a preliminary lecture. Later, at the rehearsal, the students listened attentively as Simon Rattle, chief conductor and artistic director, completed the music pieces while coordinating and communicating with orchestra members.
The students remarked as follows: “I was truly inspired by the incredible live sound and I want to use that in my musical life.”

Rising Stars Clinic (Corporate Communications Group)

IAAF World Championships (London)

IAAF World Indoor Championships

The Rising Stars Clinic is a program unique to TDK that reflects TDK’s communications slogan “Attracting Tomorrow.” It gives young athletes an opportunity to interact with top-class athletes and see them compete at the highest level in the IAAF World Championships. The program aims to inspire young athletes to become the next generation of top athletes and is aimed at students who have an interest in track and field.
In July 2017, a training session was held at a middle school in London by young athletes participating in the world championships to give instruction to students in track and field. In March 2018, students belonging to a track club in Birmingham took part in a “behind the scenes tour” of the competition venue for the World Indoor Championships led by two currently active top runners, learning how the runners actually prepare themselves for a big race.

Environmental Conservation Activities

TDK is engaged in R&D activities to provide products that make people's lives more convenient. But we also work earnestly on various environmental conservation activities to contribute to the symbiosis with the global environment.

CFP-based Carbon Offset Activities (Becromal Iceland ehf)

Becromal Iceland’s Akureyri factory is focusing on environmental protection efforts. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with company use of airplanes on business trips, employees started a tree planting project of 1,500 trees in cooperation with a local nursery and forestry cooperative. The 1,500 seedlings are currently being grown in a greenhouse and will be planted around the factory in the future.

Sembulang Beach Cleanup and Environmental Awareness Campaign (PT. EPCOS Indonesia)

More than 150 EPCOS Batam employees and their families, along with employees of partner company PT WIK and local villagers, joined the global Bye Bye Plastic Bags initiative and cleaned Sembulang Beach . Most of the garbage collected was plastic garbage such as plastic bags. For this activity, in addition to donating 12 large trash containers for villagers to use, we handed out a flyer containing information on plastic garbage.

TDK Beech Forest Tree-Planting Event (Akita Area)

The TDK Beech Forest tree-planting event has been held every year since 2004. In 2017, 600 more saplings were planted and other trees were given additional fertilizer as part of the ongoing upkeep of the forest.

Social Welfare and Local Community Service Activities

TDK conducts its business activities on a global basis. We endeavor to apply our resources in a positive manner and provide help in overcoming various challenges in local communities, in order to realize a better society.

Drinking Water System Given to a School (Magnecomp Precision Technology Public Co. Ltd.)

As a project to contribute to the local community, Magnecomp set up a new drinking water system at Ban Sang School located near the company in Wang Noi District, Ayutthaya Province, Thailand. At this school, the previous drinking water system was completely destroyed after a natural disaster several months earlier. With no budget to purchase a new system, all students and teachers (80 in total) had to bring their own drinking water from home to the school every day during that period. Having learned about the situation, Magnecomp decided to help out and have a new drinking water system installed at the school, which took about three weeks. Now, the school has fresh drinking water that the students can use for drinking and cooking.

Disaster Area Assistance

Volunteer Recovery Assistance Projects for the Great East Japan Earthquake (TDK Akita Corporation, Kitakami Plant)

As part of the Great East Japan Earthquake assistance projects in Iwate Prefecture, we helped people move from temporary housing to their own homes and also engaged in weeding. In addition, wishing to offer even a little comfort to earthquake victims, we planted rapeseeds on unused land.

Supporting Local Water Resources (EPCOS India Private Ltd.)

The Maharashtra state in western India, where EPCOS’s Nashik factory is located, is a drought-prone area. To fight drought, in 2016 we started successful water purification activities in two locations. Also, since heavy machinery was needed to expand the canal and reservoir capacity in the surrounding four villages, we lent our heavy machinery for about one month around May 2017 to support the effort.