The world is our stage.
And each individual staff member plays a leading role.

Contribute to culture and industry through creativity — that is the Corporate Motto of the TDK Group.
Our mission therefore remains unchanged: developing useful products and services of real value and supplying them in a timely fashion.
The inspiration and driving force that enables us to do so are our employees, imagining a positive future and meeting challenges without fear of failure.
Yes, it is they who play the leading role as we meet multifaceted challenges on the global stage.



Becoming a global company and a worldwide leader in electronics.

The TDK Group currently has factories, research institutes, and sales offices in over 30 countries and regions worldwide. The number of employees is over 100,000 people in total. Reflecting these increasingly globalized operations, the ratio of sales outside Japan has grown to 91.8% and that of production outside Japan to 85.4%, making us a truly global company.

Carrying out research & development that spans the globe.

The TDK Group uses a four-base system to carry out R&D activities in Japan, Asia, Europe, and the U.S. This closely linked worldwide framework enables us to take advantage of the business strengths of each region to meet the needs of that region.

Japan (Headquarters)
Japan is the country where TDK was founded and this base can therefore be seen as forming the core of the group. It handles medium to long term oriented development of new materials, new processes, and new products.
The expanding Asian market is served by a number of sites in this region. One of these is located in Shenzhen, China and handles technology development covering all types of applications such as automotive, ICT and industrial equipment and energy. The Shanghai site works on solutions for EMC support and optimized components propositions.
Europe is a region with a high awareness of environmental and energy issues. In-depth technology studies and development are pursued here, in fields such as automotive applications and industrial equipment.
Centered on areas such as San Jose with its high concentration of semiconductor and related industries, studies into cutting-edge ICT technology and development of advanced products are the focus here, taking advantage of the sophisticated environment.

TDK people — active in a global environment

At TDK's bases around the world, specialists in many fields and with various areas of expertise employ their skills and passion every day to tackle challenging tasks. A very small sample of such people is presented here, providing insight in what motivates them and what the special advantages of their respective workplaces are.