About TDK | Procurement

Purchasing Policies

This site explains TDK’s purchasing activities and policies,and the procedures involved.


All applicable laws and regulations are followed in purchasing activities. Moreover, TDK strives not only to follow the letter of the law, but its spirit as well.

Respect for Human Dignity

TDK respects the human dignity of workers who are active in all stages of the supply chain.


The procurement divisions of the TDK Group implement CSR activities on a continuous basis, while performing evaluations of suppliers at regular intervals using the CSR Check Sheet, to promote understanding of our CSR concept and raise recognition of our initiatives. In addition, as part of the common understanding of social issues, we have established the TDK Supplier Code of Conduct.

Green Procurement

As one aspect of its company wide environmental protection activities and in the pursuit of harmony with the global environment, TDK engages in green procurement, i.e., the purchase of environment-conscious products.

Fair and Open Business

TDK conducts fair business regardless of company size or nationality. TDK bases its purchasing decisions on comprehensive evaluations of quality, price, delivery time, ability to provide a stable supply, and other factors.
TDK does not accept gifts of any kind from business partners.
As a general rule, TDK does not accept dining or other forms of entertainment from business partners.


TDK seeks to build mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers based on shared goals.


TDK values suppliers that can lower costs and provide new materials and technologies through VA activities.

IT Utilization

Information exchanges with suppliers using IT and networks are essential for accelerating the pace of business and reinforcing ties.

Quality, Delivery Time and Stable Supply

TDK always considers quality, delivery time and stable supply by establishing solid partnerships with its suppliers.

  • VA (Value Analysis) was developed in the USA (GE Company) in 1947, to achieve the required function with minimum resources (cost), by systematically analyzing various factors associated with the value of products and services, which method is a set of function oriented ideas and techniques in order to improve the value of products and services.
    Currently, VE (Value Engineering) and VA is used as a synonym.